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Andrew Kluge recovering in hospital after Oulton Park crash

BRSCC Avon Tyres Northern Formula Ford 1600 Championship competitor Andrew Kluge remains in hospital after a collision with a stationary car during the opening Oulton Park race last weekend resulted in him suffering serious injuries.

Contact between Kluge’s Van Diemen and Seamus Wild’s Swift ended in Kluge being spun off at Deer Leap. An incident earlier in the race had left Andrew Thomas’s Mygale trackside on the grass shortly before the pedestrian bridge, where it remained for several laps, despite the appearance of the safety car.

Kluge’s spinning Van Diemen collided with the rear of Thomas’s car side-on, with the Mygale’s gearbox piercing Kluge’s fuel tank and seat, causing him significant a number of injuries.

Rapid response was provided by Oulton Park’s marshals, before he was treated at the circuit medical centre and then taken by the North West Air Ambulance to Royal Stoke University Hospital.

An MRI scan revealed a torn aorta artery that required life-saving emergency surgery, with injuries to several other organs, including a collapsed lung, and a broken hip.

An onboard from Kluge’s Van Diemen earlier in the race, showing the location of Thomas’s abandoned Mygale

Chris Hodgen, 2014 Avon Tyres National FF1600 Championship Pre-’90 runner-up, a close friend of Kluge, helps to run his car. He talked to about the injuries and Kluge’s recovery.

“In the crash he tore his aorta artery, and ruptured it.

“He had a lot of internal bleeding, the guys at Stoke were sensational getting him scanned and operated on quickly.

“Fantastic support from Stoke. You can just tell by the care, they were right on their game. They deal with accidents all the time, and the internal injuries Andrew got were extremely severe, but they were surprised how conversational he was [after surgery]. He even had a cup of tea.”

Kluge is expected to remain in Stoke Hospital for several more days, and was in “great spirits” when visited by Hodgen on the Saturday night.

Wild was disqualified from the race and handed four penalty points on his racing licence for his part in the incident.

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