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Mitchell beats Jackson in second Historic FF1600 race at Silverstone

Ben Mitchell consolidated his lead in the HSCC Historic Formula Ford 1600 Championship by snatching a dramatic win at Silverstone from chief rival Cameron Jackson.

Mitchell and Jackson fought for the lead for the duration of the second race of the weekend, a contrast to the opener on Silverstone’s Grand Prix layout, and the battle went down to the final corners.

Merlyn driver Mitchell took the lead at Village on the final lap, before Jackson made a daring move on the inside at Brooklands in his Lola. Mitchell anticipated the lunge perfectly and stayed ahead, holding a slim advantage until the chequered flag.

Maxim Bartell couldn’t keep up with the pair, but he managed to finish on the podium once again in his Merlyn.

Ed Thurston, Will Nuthall and Gislain Genecand fought over fourth in the first half of the race, before Genecand span out in his Crossle.

In his place Brian Morris and Callum Grant joined the battle, with Nuthall heading the quartet come the end of the race.

Thurston took fifth, less than a tenth ahead of Grant, who had started at the back of the grid, and Radio Caroline Over 50 class winner Morris. Grant made up 16 places on the first lap alone in his Merlyn.

Danish rookie Mads Gravsen finished seventh in his Palliser, ahead of Rob Smith and Stuart Kestenbaum, second and third in the Over 50s class.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Time
1 Ben Mitchell Merlyn 9 laps
2 Cameron Jackson Lola +0.228
3 Maxim Bartell Merlyn +14.115
4 Will Nuthall Jamun +19.773
5 Ed Thurston Elden +20.105
6 Callum Grant Merlyn +20.190
7 OF Brian Morris Lola +21.032
8 N Mads Gravsen Palliser +21.465
9 OF Rob Smith Merlyn +21.916
10 OF Stuart Kestenbaum Crossle +22.756
11 Daniel Stanzl Elden +26.097
12 Benjamin Tusting Merlyn +26.534
13 Michael Grant Peterkin Brabham +37.116
14 OF Michael Wrigley Lotus +38.826
15 Harvey Sykes Crossle +47.909
16 OF Kevin Stanzl Crossle +53.568
17 OF Antony Ross Lola +54.317
18 OF Robert Tusting Merlyn +56.615
19 OF Andrew Wiggins Titan +57.363
20 OF John Roberts Merlyn +58.353
21 OF Alex Meek Merlyn +58.463
22 OF Stuart Dix Cooper +1:03.216
23 OF Andrew Mansell Merlyn +1:12.790
24 OF Robs Lamplough Winkelmann +1:22.804
25 OF John Slack Lola +1:23.098
26 OF Rudolf Ernest Titan +1:29.349
27 OF Paul Unsworth Palliser +1:33.270
28 OF Ted Pearson Merlyn +1:35.112
29 OF Cliff Gray Lotus +1:45.207
30 OF Dick Dixon Lotus +1:47.455
31 OF Louis Hanjoul Elden +1:48.336
32 OF William Cowing Ginetta +1:58.759
33 OF John Evans Lotus +2:18.590
34 OF Stephen King Miacon +1 lap
35 OF John Emery Lola +1 lap
36 Nicholas Arden Merlyn +1 lap
DNF OF Gislain Genecand Crossle
DNF OF Michael Richings Alexis
DNF Matthew Wrigley Merlyn
Fastest lap: Mitchell, 2:18.551

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