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Rory Smith wins red-flagged BRSCC Northern race one at Oulton Park

Rory Smith clung on to victory in the opening Avon Tyres BRSCC Northern Formula Ford 1600 Championship race at Oulton Park, which was decided by a red flag.

Smith, in his B-M Racing Medina JL18, initially had a reasonable advantage but front-row man David McArthur, who had made a poor start in his Van Diemen LA10 and briefly dropped to fourth, closed the gap before a safety car period.

Once the race resumed McArthur hassled Smith, and went around the outside of Smith at Old Hall corner for the lead a lap later.

Victory wasn’t his though, as red flags flew seconds later after an incident at Deer Leap involving Seamus Wild and Andrew Kluge.

The latter’s Van Diemen collided with the parked Mygale of Post-’89 championship leader Andrew Thomas, who had gone off in a separate incident earlier in the race. Kluge was taken to the medical centre and the North West Air Ambulance arrived at the circuit shortly afterwards. There is no official word on Kluge’s condition at present.

The race result was set from the end of the previous lap, with Smith taking a 0.053s victory over McArthur. Wild was excluded from the results for driving in a manner incompatible with general safety.

A brilliant start from the outside of the second row of the grid briefly put Jack Wolfenden into second, but he dropped back down to third in his Reynard 88FF and spent the rest of the race fending off the similar car of Jaap Blijleven for the final overall podium position and Pre-’90 victory.

After overcoming Ray Smith’s Van Diemen RF88, Neil McArthur’s Van Diemen LA10 was fifth overall, with Matthew Chisholm’s Van Diemen RF00 climbing to sixth.

Mario Sarchet, Alaric Gordon and Scott Guthrie claimed class wins, while Thomas and Edwin Hannah were ruled out in separate incidents, which led to the mid-race caution. Chris Stones retired after an engine failure aboard his Van Diemen RF88.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 Post89 Rory Smith Medina 7 laps
2 Post89 David McArthur Van Diemen +0.053
3 Pre90 Jack Wolfenden Reynard +1.853
4 Pre90 Jaap Blijleven Reynard +2.332
5 Post89 Neil McArthur Van Diemen +5.515
6 Post89 Matthew Chisholm Van Diemen +5.653
7 Post89 Nigel Dolan Van Diemen +5.753
8 Pre90 Ray Smith Van Diemen +6.657
9 Pre90 Wayne Poole Van Diemen +6.758
10 Pre90 Mario Sarchet Reynard +6.913
11 Pre90 Brian Young Reynard +8.692
12 Pre90 Scott Rawlinson Van Diemen +9.113
13 Post89 Alaric Gordon Swift +9.165
14 Pre90 Scott Guthrie Crossle +9.659
15 Pre90 Juiceie Bruceie Reynard +11.127
16 Pre90 Trevor Morgan Reynard +15.242
17 Pre90 Stephen Bracegirdle Van Diemen +18.307
18 Post89 Fergus Paton Van Diemen +19.847
19 Pre90 Ian Wood Royale +24.417
20 Pre90 Steve Nixon Van Diemen +31.084
NC Pre90 Andrew Kluge Van Diemen +1 lap
DNF Pre90 Christopher Stones Van Diemen
DNF Post89 Andrew Thomas Mygale
DNF Pre90 Edwin Hannah Reynard
DSQ Post89 Seamus Wild Swift
Fastest lap: D McArthur, 1:50.281

Championship standings

Thomas 94   2 Rory Smith 88   3 Gordon 78   4 Dolan 74   5 D McArthur 67   6 Chisholm 60   John Ferguson 48   8 Paton 44   9 Tom Canning 42   10 Wild 27
Sarchet 136   2 Wolfenden 104   3 Bruceie 89   Young 72   5 Hannah 70   Poole 66   7 Rawlinson 61   8 Ian Ellis 32   9 Morgan 38   10 Blijleven 29

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