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Jackson strikes first at Silverstone with Historic FF1600 win

Cameron Jackson won the first HSCC Historic Formula Ford 1600 race on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit by the biggest margin of the season so far.

Lola driver Jackson finished almost two seconds ahead of closest rival Ben Mitchell, in Marcus Pye’s Merlyn Mk20.

Crucial to victory was a strong start that enabled him to pull clear of the usual jostling pack at the first corner. From there, he pulled away quickly and was only troubled by backmarkers towards the end, which he managed. He set a new lap record in the process.

Towards the middle of the race, some fast times from Mitchell brought him closer to Jackson, but he was not near enough to pass.

Prior to that, it looked as if Mitchell and Callum Grant would renew their season-long rivalry; Grant briefly got ahead on the second lap, but was soon caught. Grant retired two laps later with a broken radiator hose, which was solely down to a slipped jubilee clip.

This gifted third place to Maxim Bartell in the second Nigel Grant Engineering Merlyn. He had rather a lonely race in third, but was happy with his podium position.

Will Nuthall and Ed Thurston would have been more able to challenge Bartell had they not been so focused on racing against each other. This battle was one of the closest of the race and was only resolved in the last few corners. Thurston got inside Nuthall at Luffield and “put his foot in and prayed” until the chequered flag a few seconds later. They crossed the line separated by 0.034 seconds.

Gislain Genecand was the best of the Radio Caroline Over 50 drivers. He was sixth overall from twelfth on the grid, displacing Stuart Kestenbaum’s Crossle and Brian Morris’s Lola for the class win.

Kestenbaum and Morris were another pair who pushed each other very hard. Morris prevailed, taking second in class by less than a tenth of a second.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Time
1 Cameron Jackson Lola 9 laps
2 Ben Mitchell Merlyn +1.845
3 Maxim Bartell Merlyn +15.586
4 Ed Thurston Elden +18.396
5 Will Nuthall Jamun +18.430
6 OF Gislain Genecand Crossle +26.156
7 N Mads Gravsen Palliser +26.194
8 OF Brian Morris Lola +32.838
9 OF Stuart Kestebnaum Crossle +32.912
10 OF Rob Smith Merlyn +38.146
11 Daniel Stanzl Elden +40.636
12 Michael Grant Peterkin Brabham +42.975
13 Matthew Wrigley Merlyn +43.015
14 Harvey Sykes Crossle +43.092
15 OF Michael Wrigley Lotus +44.166
16 OF Kevin Stanzl Crossle +45.229
17 OF Antony Ross Lola +54.888
18 OF Andrew Wiggins Titan +58.869
19 OF Alex Meek Merlyn +1:03.391
20 OF John Roberts Merlyn +1:13.481
21 OF Andrew Mansell Merlyn +1:15.405
22 OF Stephen King Miacon +1:22.372
23 OF Robert Tusting Merlyn +1:25.515
24 OF Robs Lamplough Winkelmann +1:28.786
25 OF John Slack Lola +1:28.916
26 OF Rudolf Ernest Titan +1:29.620
27 OF Paul Unsworth Palliser +1:51.043
28 OF William Cowing Ginetta +1:53.661
29 OF Louis Hanjoul Elden +1:54.595
30 OF Cliff Gray Lotus +1:55.203
31 OF John Evans Lotus +1 lap
32 OF Michael Richings Alexis +1 lap
33 OF John Emery Lola +1 lap
DNF OF Dick Dixon Lotus
DNF OF Ted Pearson Merlyn
DNF Callum Grant Merlyn
DNF Cormac Flanagan Alexis
DNF OF Stuart Dix Cooper
DNF OF Nicholas Arden Merlyn
DNF Benjamin Tusting Merlyn
Fastest lap: Jackson, 2:18.876

1 comment on “Jackson strikes first at Silverstone with Historic FF1600 win

  1. Gislain Genecand

    Thank you for your commentary but I’m a swiss guy not belgian, although I love belgian people !


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