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Callum Grant credits “hero” spectators after Rowe rescue

Historic Formula Ford champion Callum Grant has credited the bravery of two spectators after they helped him release fellow competitor Nelson Rowe out of a burning car at Cadwell Park.

The incident happened last Sunday during an HSCC Historic Formula Ford championship race. Rowe’s Crossle collided with leader Cameron Jackson’s Lola from behind after Jackson’s car slipped out of gear.

Rowe’s car flipped over and caught fire. Grant stopped his Merlyn near the scene and ran back to help, and was one of three people who turned the burning car over to allow Rowe to climb out. Rowe escaped serious injury.

Grant’s actions were outlined on the circuit PA commentary and he was applauded all round the track as he drove back to the pits after the accident. But he is keen to credit others for the rescue.

“The brave ones were the two spectators that helped me with no fireproof…anything on, and helped me roll it over and get him out of the car,” Grant said. “They’re the people to be saying ‘well done’ to.

“I was just the only one who saw him on fire.

“Before I came over the top of the crest I saw the car in the air. I braked, came over the top of the crest and Cameron [Jackson] was sat in the middle of the road.

“I went round Cameron and as I looked to see if he was all right, I saw Nelson [Rowe] upside down and the car on fire. I pulled over at an angle and saw he was still on fire, so I just ran up. He was lucky the spectators were there.”

Rowe was able to walk away from the crash, although he was examined by medics as a precaution.

“At least he’s all right, he can come home and see his family,” added Grant.

HSCC CEO Grahame White echoed Grant’s sentiments.

“We are relieved that Nelson came away from such a serious accident unhurt,” White said. “Having won a race on Saturday it was a sad ending to his weekend.

“We also applaud the reactions of fellow drivers Callum Grant and two spectators who helped Nelson exit his car and all the race marshals who dealt with the incident.”

Grant has since used social media to identify of the two spectators, calling them “heroes”. The incident also has been covered by the Sun newspaper as well as by other publications.

Photo courtesy of Martin Cooper

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