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Race winner Murray insists it is possible to overtake around Knockhill

Team Dolan’s Niall Murray says his victory in the second Knockhill Avon Tyres BRSCC National FF1600 Championship race despite a first-corner incidents shows overtaking is possible at the Scottish track.

Murray attempted to pass race one winner and team-mate Matt Round-Garrido around the outside but got caught in the gravel trap and fell to the lower part of the top 10.

He then set about clawing positions back, pulling off several manoeuvres to win the race ahead of Cliff Dempsey Racing’s Neil MacLennan and Jamie Thorburn.

Knockhill has a reputation for being one of the most difficult tracks to overtake at, but Murray insists it is just as easy as anywhere else with a slightly different approach.

“At a track like this you have to pick up the pieces,” he said, “whereas at a track like Silverstone where there’s not going to be as much contact you have to go for it, be aggressive.

“It [overtaking] does depend on where you are and who you are against, you have to know your opponents, but although this track is notoriously difficult to overtake it’s very quick, it’s only a 53-second lap.

“That means you come around to the prime overtaking spot every 53s so you actually have a lot of overtaking opportunities.

“You can sneak up elsewhere too, as if you put pressure on the guy in front of you running out of Clark’s into the chicane you can spook them out wide and gain a place there.

“You’ve just got to maximise any opportunity you get.”

He admitted that in hindsight he should not have tried his move on Round-Garrido where he did.

“It was a typical Formula Ford race, as frantic as it can be!” Murray added.

“I don’t know why I tried the outside because I knew he wasn’t going to let me, but as soon as I left the gravel trap I knew I had the pace.

“A couple of years ago I maybe would have been too impatient to overtake but with a bit of experience you learn to just take it easy when you have the pace, to not be impatient, and to think through every move before you make it and that’s kind of what I did.”

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