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Medeiros comes from 32nd to win on one-off outing

Adriano Medeiros came from 32nd on the grid for a runaway win in the second BARC Classic Formula Ford race on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.

Multiple champion Medeiros, in his only planned series outing of the season, was unable to progress in race one due to a broken exhaust.

An hour before the second race, doubts remained whether the silencer would be repaired in time but his Van Diemen made it in time.

The race was red-flagged on the first lap when Rick Morris, who was also starting at the back, flipped his car over at Becketts. He had missed the first race due to a broken rear suspension beam but managed to repair it. The 71-year-old walked away from the accident but was taken to the medical centre.

The restart happened promptly with the race shortened to 18 minutes and Medeiros recommenced his mission. By Becketts he had overtaken six cars. Within a lap, he was nudging the edge of the top 10.

While Medeiros picked off his rivals one by one, setting extremely fast laps in the process, Simon Hadfield and Mike Gardner scrapped hard for the lead.

Scott Mansell soon got involved too and the three took turns running at the front, with Brooklands being their favoured overtaking spot. Both Gardner and Mansell pulled off risky moves to get ahead of Hadfield at different times, taking the outside line in front of the BRDC grandstand.

Benn Tilley also remained in the middle of a nine-car leading group, which included Jordan Harrison, James Hadfield and Stuart Kestenbaum.

Medeiros finally took the lead with on the third to last lap and never looked back. His fastest lap was 2m22.722s, nearly a second quicker than next-best Gardner, and he won by three seconds in the end, with Gardner, Hadfield and Mansell covered by under a second in second to fourth.

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 A Adriano Medeiros Van Diemen 8 laps
2 A Mike Gardner Crossle +3.144
3 B Simon Hadfield Titan +3.811
4 A Scott Mansell Crossle +3.979
5 B Ben Tilley Merlyn +4.392
6 A Jordan Harrison Lola +5.725
7 B James Hadfield Hawke +5.834
8 B Stuart Kestenbaum Crossle +7.998
9 A Mark Armstrong Van Diemen +11.769
10 A John Village Crossle +20.423
11 A Peter Chippindale Royale +26.885
12 A Tom Brown Van Diemen +27.176
13 A Steve Pearce Van Diemen +27.317
14 A Alan Williamson Van Diemen +36.007
15 A Alan Fincham Van Diemen +49.216
16 A Paul Crosbie Van Diemen +50.353
17 A Tim Saunders PRS +51.024
18 B Ian Jeary Elden +52.088
19 B Stephen Greenwood Beattie +59.020
20 A Phil Attwood Crossle +1:19.337
21 A David Roark Van Diemen +1:24.714
22 B Kevin Howell Elden +1:25.621
23 A Terry Durdin Crossle +1:25.724
24 A Martin Whitlock PRS +1:57.328
25 B Michael Saunders Hawke +2:34.515
DNF B David Lowe Lotus
DNF A Rick Morris Royale
DNF B Robin Haslam Alexis
DNF A John Evans Royal
Fastest lap: Medeiros, 2:22.722

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