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Foster disqualified from second Knockhill race after Martin clash

Joey Foster has been disqualified from Avon Tyres National FF1600 Championship’s second Knockhill race after a collision with guest driver Ross Martin, with Foster admitting fault for their clash.

Foster had qualified only 11th on Saturday and climbed to eighth place in race one, from which he started race two. A great start meant Foster was already battling Martin for fourth place early on.

A look to Martin’s inside heading down towards the hairpin then went awry, the pair touching wheels before Foster went spinning out – which blocked Martin’s path and damaged his suspension.

“We got a good start, gained some positions. I was quite happy to be ahead of [Niall] Murray actually for the championship and thought, ‘this would be alright, we’ll just sit here’,” said Foster.

“[I] got a good run on Ross coming down towards turn one and thought I’d just look at the inside and see what we’ve got. The door wasn’t open but I was there.

“The track closed a bit and Ross braked fractionally earlier than I expected. I was on the dusty stuff and caught his back wheel, which just sent us around.”

Foster felt his disqualification was unfair, especially considering a similar collision between Jamie Thorburn and Hugo Bentley-Ellis went unpunished in Saturday’s first race.

“It’s just one of those things that’s unfortunate. I made a small mistake and paid the ultimate price for this one, being disqualified. I’m really hacked off with that decision, but it is what it is.

“It was a very similar sort of situation [to yesterday], and Bentley [Ellis] has got away with that. It’s the man’s decision at the top there, and there’s no way we can protest that.”

Martin was quick to defend Foster despite their coming together, making clear there were no hard feelings over the incident.

“I’ve not got any problem with it. I did lose two positions and I think it was one of my push-rods that broke, but myself and Joey raced fair,” said Martin.

“I can’t really say it was a move, Joey and I both spoke about it afterwards and I think he just got caught out with the track widening and then narrowing, and also then the dirt.

“There wasn’t any room for a manoeuvre, but when Joey Foster comes flying by, you know he hasn’t meant it, so it was definitely a racing incident.”

Despite damage sustained to his car and losing a couple of positions in the tangle, Martin felt Foster’s disqualification was harsh.

“I’m a little bit gutted for him getting excluded from the race. He’ll be starting from the back with me also so I’m sure the two of us can come through.”

Martin later retired from the race with a sticking throttle, costing him a potential fourth place finish. He now starts from the back, and feels he can recover strongly for race three.

“Throughout the whole race the car’s throttle was sticking on and it kept getting worse and worse,” Martin explained.

“I noticed it a lot more behind the safety car. The restart was good, we got by Nico [Gruber], but then going into Clark’s it all went wrong.

“The car just stayed flat out going into third gear and I had nowhere to go, so I had to take to the gravel trap. I’m pretty gutted.

“Our pace was good though, and I feel like I can pedal with the quick boys and race with them any day of the week.

“I wish [Foster] the best of luck for the next race, where I’m going to charging through just like him, hopefully into the top five.”

Amended Race Two results

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 Pro Niall Murray Van Diemen 13:00.525
2 Pro Neil MacLennan Ray +0.174
3 Pro Jamie Thorburn Ray +0.644
4 Pro Nico Gruber Ray +1.293
5 Pro Michael Eastwell Spectrum +1.631
6 Pro Luke Cooper Swift +1.943
7 Pro Rory Smith Medina +2.828
8 Pro Joshua Smith Van Diemen +3.069
9 Pro Carter Williams Ray +3.721
10 Pro Sebastian Melrose Ray +5.342

Alasdair is Digital Manager for FF1600website and was previously Scottish FF1600 correspondent. When not busy with FF1600, his day job is with Mediatica, a motorsport PR firm.

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