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Thorburn laments ‘nightmare race’ in Knockhill opener

Jamie Thorburn was left disappointed by a ‘nightmare race’ in the opening Avon Tyres BRSCC National FF1600 race at Knockhill.

Cliff Dempsey Racing driver Thorburn had qualified in third but slipped back early on as he attempted to overtake his team-mate Nico Gruber.

“It’s disappointing really. I had a good first lap and tried to pass Nico but made a mistake and that let Niall [Murray] past me,” Thorburn said.

“I then made another mistake which meant I lost the tow to the group in front, and once you don’t have anybody to follow, you lose so much time on the straight you’re just a sitting duck.”

Having dropped back to fifth, Thorburn then lost the position to Ross Martin after a coming together with Hugo Bentley-Ellis.

An attempted dive at the hairpin for position by Bentley-Ellis failed with three laps remaining, relegating Thorburn to sixth and leaving Bentley-Ellis well outside the top 10.

“We were struggling on braking into the hairpin which meant I was quite vulnerable,” said Thorburn.

“Hugo tried to pass me on the grass going into the hairpin and took the nose off my car, so it was a bit of a stupid move on his part. There was absolutely no room there.

“That lost us another place and meant the rest of the race was an absolute nightmare, as we were slow in the corners too with a broken nose. It wasn’t the race we wanted and is a pretty poor result considering we started third.”

Though his third-place grid slot and subsequent sixth-placed finish was a missed opportunity to claw back points against his championship rivals, Thorburn believes his qualifying pace is a sign he can recover in tomorrow’s pair of races.

“In that race we really should have taken points out of Niall, Joey [Foster] and everyone ahead of us in the championship but Niall finished in front of us and Joey wasn’t far behind, so we have a lot of work to do to get back to where we should be.

“I’m confident we have the pace despite our problems. I was still the fourth or fifth quickest car which goes to show I do have the speed, it’s just the first few laps that cost us the chance of a podium and from then on we were just hanging on for dear life. It’s disappointing but I’m not out of it yet.”

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