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Ben Mitchell wins Historic FF1600 race two at Donington Park

Ben Mitchell took home victory at Donington Park in the first point-scoring HSCC Historic Formula Ford race of the 2018 season.

Mitchell started from pole, but was involved in a multi-car fight for the lead of the race during the opening half of the 16-lap race.

He created a gap during the second half, and crossed the line with 1.447 second in hand take his first win of the year.

Nelson Rowe, Callum Grant and Richard Tarling were part of the leading battle at the beginning, and once Rowe also broke away, jt became a fight between Grant and reigning champion Tarling for third.

The battle for position lasted until the chequered flag, with Tarling prevailing by 0.074 seconds.

Lola T200 driver Cameron Jackson was another to initially join the leading pack, but fell back during the final six laps to finish fifth.

Behind him there was a battle that went to the end, between Elden driver Ed Thurston and Jamun driver Will Nuthall. They went side by side on Wheatcroft straight at the end of the race, with Thurston just pipping Nuthall to sixth.

Michael Grant Peterkin finished the race in eighth, while Gislain Genecand made his way from 16th at the start to end up in ninth, and therefore was the leading driver in the over-50s class. Merlyn driving Matthew Wrigley rounded out the top ten.

Stuart Kestenbaum finished 11th and was second in the over-50s class, with Tim Brise taking third in class, down in 16th overall, and David Wild fourth.

Harvey Sykes, who won the first race of the day to be able to start the main race in 25th, was able to rise up to 14th within the 16 laps.

Five drivers failed to finish the race including Benjamin Tusting, who started the race in sixth before stopping on the pit straight at the end of lap 7.

Photo courtesy of Dan Bichener

Race highlights

Race results

Pos Class Driver Car Gap
1 Ben Mitchell Merlyn 16 laps
2 Nelson Rowe Crossle +1.447
3 Richard Tarling Jamun +5.302
4 Callum Grant Merlyn +5.386
5 Cameron Jackson Lola +6.338
6 Ed Thurston Elden +18.111
7 Will Nuthall Jamun +18.160
8 Michael Grant Peterkin Brabham +18.544
9 OF Gislain Genecand Crossle +19.486
10 Matthew Wrigley Merlyn +21.778
11 OF Stuart Kestenbaum Crossle +31.952
12 Ross Drybrough Merlyn +32.354
13 Cormac Flanagan Alexis +33.664
14 Harvey Sykes Crossle +42.317
15 Daniel Stanzl Elden +42.744
16 OF Tim Brise Merlyn +50.213
17 OF David Wild Lola +51.184
18 Peter Park Hawke +51.804
19 OF Chris Stuart Crossle +52.219
20 OF Kevin Stanzl Crossle +52.385
21 Lee Penson Lotus +1:00.605
22 OF Stuart Dix Cooper +1:01.645
23 OF Andrew Wiggins Titan +1:02.967
24 OF Stephen King Macon +1:03.046
25 OF Andrew Mansell Merlyn +1:03.995
26 John Roberts Merlyn +1:09.489
27 OF John Hayes-Harlow Merlyn +1 lap
Ret OF Rob Smith Merlyn
Ret Benjamin Tusting Merlyn
Ret OF Brian Morris Lola
Ret OF Chris Sharples Palliser +
DNS Antony Ross Lola +

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