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Joey Foster to contest full National season with Don Hardman Automotive

Three-time Walter Hayes Trophy winner Joey Foster will embark on his first full season in the BRSCC Britcover National FF1600 championship this year with Don Hardman Automotive, the first time he has ever done a full season in Formula Ford 1600.

Foster has been a regular in FF1600 since 2003, but has surprisingly never participated in a year-long effort in any particular championship.

He did compete in British Formula Ford in its Zetec era, and also finished third in the Triple Crown in 2014.

His BRSCC National experience so far amounts to nine races spread between 2014 – ’17, five of which he has won.

“[I’m] delighted that Joey is doing the National Championship with me,” said DHA boss Don Hardman, who has been running Foster in various FF1600 events since the then 20-year-old made his debut in 2003.

“We’re aiming to be competitive in it [BRSCC National].

Technical hitches late last year almost cost Foster the Festival victory, and put him out of the WHT final when he was on for a strong result. Hardman and Foster have decided they will continue to use the same Ray GR08 chassis for their first attempt at the National championship though.

“Yes, we are [using same chassis], but there are some new sidepods coming, and new radiators, so it will be fitted with those,” Hardman added.

The deal is a serious coup for the championship, and also confirms Foster’s presence in the Festival and the WHT, where the Cornish driver missed out on a record-breaking fourth victory last year.

“The deal is the Festival and the WHT as well [as the National championship],” confirmed Hardman.

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