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Raven – Back in FF1600 and back on the podium

James Raven returned to the Walter Hayes Trophy after a year out of racing, and ended the weekend on the podium after a strong run to third place in the final.

The weekend almost started perfectly for 2014 Festival winner Raven, but a mistake he admitted was his own meant he lost the lead of the heat race to Matt Round-Garrido on the last lap.

“I went past the pitboard and I thought ‘two laps left, OK’, so going into Brooklands I thought I’d brake a little bit later but it turns out you can’t, or at least I couldn’t [brake] that late. So I just outbraked myself and went straight on, so it was basically just my fault.”

Raven had intended to run in BRDC British Formula 3 with Cliff Dempsey this year but the late cancellation of a sponsor deal left him without a drive.

Despite spending a year not competing and still reaching the WHT podium, Raven admitted he had mixed emotions seeing Michael Moyers and Josh Fisher battle for the win ahead of him.

“I knew I had the pace and it’s just frustrating when I see them in the distance; I was like: ‘that could’ve been me’,” he said.

“But yeah, first time in the car for 12 months, third’s not too bad. Especially when these guys have been racing all year.”

With a return to full-time racing his goal, Raven says he is talking to sponsors about the possibility of competing in US F2000 next year.

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