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How Foster’s bid for fourth Hayes victory went awry

Joey Foster’s retirement from the Walter Hayes Trophy final was down to his ignition “pulling itself to pieces”, which prevented him from winning a record-breaking fourth Trophy win.

Don Hardman Automotive driver Foster was one of the favourites for victory, and vindicated that status with an early battle for the lead in the final after his heat and semi-final wins.

He was initially shuffled down the order when the problem struck, before it became terminal and he was forced to retire from the race.

“It happened quite early on because I started to lose pace on the straights,” said Foster, who arrived at the WHT fresh from Formula Ford Festival victory.

“I was in the slipstream but I was dropping back, and I thought: ‘something’s not right’. Sure enough a couple of laps later it started spluttering and farting and that was it.

“Josh Smith pushed me around for a couple of laps on the straights, but we were just losing time hand over fist, and it was down on three cylinders at the end.”

Foster won the Festival for a third time this year, and could’ve won the WHT for a record fourth time.

“I would liked to have been in with the scrap [for victory], and you could see out there it was just carnage. People just everywhere.

“Anything could’ve happened, and I would have liked to have been there till the end. But it is what it is, and it’s an excuse to come back next year right?”

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