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Tarling beats Mallock and Mitchell in sensational Historic final

Richard Tarling won a sensational Walter Hayes Trophy Historic final at Silverstone, just beating Michael Mallock across the line.

Tarling started his Jamun T21 second but made a great launch off the line and beat polesitter Ben Mitchell’s Merlyn into Copse for the first time. What followed was the most incredible display of motor racing you will witness anywhere, with at least five cars in contention for victory for the entire 12-lap duration.

Tarling, Mitchell, Callum Grant’s Merlyn and Mallock driver Michael Mallock – who starred in the damp heat three on Saturday – all shared time in the lead, which was changing at nearly every corner.

On most laps the leaders were four-wide into Becketts and Brooklands – a favourite overtaking spot, and where Grant tried a spectacular around-the-outside manoeuvre on the antepenultimate before running wide and allowing Tarling back through.

There was a small breakaway on the final lap, with now just the top three in realistic contention for victory as Grant and Mike Gardner’s Crossle dropping back on the penultimate tour.

When the lead trio approached Brooklands three abreast once again, it was Tarling who just managed to hold off the attentions of Mallock and Mitchell.

A scant 0.196s covered the top three at the flag, Tarling taking the win ahead of Mallock and Mitchell – who had been as far down as fifth at one stage – with Grant and Gardner rounding out the top five.

Incredibly, there was no major contact between the leaders, and the racing further down the order ran in much the same way with packs of cars close together but without incident.

Mark Armstrong was the first Van Diemen home in sixth, just beating the Jomo of Benn Simms.

A large gap then followed with Westie Mitchell – Last Chance race winner earlier in the day- taking eighth in his Merlyn, pipping Gislain Genecand’s Crossle and Peter Daly (Royale).

Dan Fox’s PRS 81F and Xavier Michel’s Crossle crossed the line tied together in the battle for 11th, while Matthew Wrigley’s Lotus beat John Hayes-Harlow’s Merlyn in 13th and 14th respectively.


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