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Michael Moyers eases to WHT heat five victory

Michael Moyers dominated Walter Hayes Trophy heat five as he mastered the start from pole position and eventually won by more than four seconds.

The Kevin Mills Racing driver opened up a handy gap over Ivor McCullough after the first lap and used the squabbling pack behind to consolidate his lead.

The man on the move was Rory Smith, as he moved from third to second as McCullough lost a handful of places at the start.

As the eight-lap race progressed the pack of four battling for second were inseparable, swapping places repeatedly going into the Brooklands and Luffield series of corners.

At the halfway mark Roger Orgee in his Ray made a decisive pass on Smith to claim second and defended strongly enough to make the position his own, albeit unable to close up on KMR team-mate Moyers.

McCullough finished third thanks to a great move round the outside of Smith at Brooklands to relegate the B-M Racing driver down to fourth.

Smith ended the race fifth after Michael Eastwell claimed fourth on the penultimate lap of the race, giving Mills a 1-2-4.

Thomas McArthur finished sixth, a spin at Copse on the final lap having caused him to him fall down the order.

He finished just ahead of Historic runner Ben Mitchell who kept an off-pace National champion Luke Williams behind him. Williams struggled for set-up in qualifying and could not find any more pace in the race, concerned that the new engine he fitted after a testing failure is down on power.

Rounding out the top 10 were Michael Macpherson and Pre93 class winner Ben Tinkler.

Team USA Scholarship runner Aaron Jeansonne didn’t finish the race. He was running in the lower reaches of the top 10 during the first half of the race but he pitted on lap four and didn’t make it back out.

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