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Armstrong wins, champion Medeiros recovers

Mark Armstrong claimed a dominant victory in the final Luna Logistics Classic Formula Ford race of the season ahead of polesitter Scott Mansell in his Crossle 35F.

After passing Mansell in the early stages of the race aboard his Van Diemen RF80, Armstrong built up a strong gap to the rest of the field and eventually finished more than nine seconds ahead of Mansell.

Having secured the 2017 title in yesterday’s race, Adriano Medeiros snatched the race lead with a move around the outside of Mansell on the opening lap but a spin moments later sent him plummeting down the order.

Medeiros spent the remainder of the race picking his way up through the field. By the midpoint, Medeiros was back inside the top seven and in the middle of a four-car battle for fifth. It didn’t take long for the newly crowned champion to cut through the battle and he was soon on the back of Kevin Mansell’s Crossle 32F in third.

The older Mansell then put up a tough defence to Medeiros and his Van Diemen RF80. He was able to keep his Crossle just ahead for half a lap before Medeiros finally made a move stick in the closing stages of the race. With only two laps to go, there wasn’t enough time for Medeiros to challenge the younger Mansell, finishing 1.4s behind.

The battle had allowed Simon Jackson to close in on the back of Kevin Mansell, but the pair reached the chequered flag before the Javelin driver could launch a proper attack.

Class B winner Stuart Kestenbaum finished sixth ahead of Peter Daly, Oliver Playle, and Richard Baxter.

Ian Jeary and Dave Lowe spent the latter part of the race battling for second in class B. Jeary won the battle, finishing just half a second ahead of Lowe.



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